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When’s the right time to upgrade your office coffee machine?

Alex | August 22, 2023 | 5 minute read

Is your office coffee machine in need of an upgrade? There are lots of reasons why it might be time to take the step of getting a new machine for the office. We understand the pressures on office and facilities managers with balancing budgets and doing everything possible to make the workplace a pleasant and engaging space to be in.

These roles are complex and carry the overall responsibility of keeping the team happy at work. That’s a tough act to manage but there’s an easy and affordable way to support your team’s healthy hydration and happiness. And that’s office coffee.

UK offices seem to be fuelled by coffee. People need the caffeine fix to kick start their day or enjoy a quick pick me up to get past the post-lunch slump. Coffee has been proven to support peoples’ productivity, creativity, encourage collaboration and improve focus at work. Alongside that, it also has many health benefits from heart health to supporting brain function. For a humble cup of coffee, it sure does pack a punch!

People value having a quality, barista-style coffee experience at work and by providing that, you’re showing in a small way that you care about their happiness and wellbeing. Coffee is widely known as one of the most important office perks and by providing under par coffee, it creates a poor impression.

Some reports say that interviewees would turn down a role if they were served bad coffee. Similarly, the cup of coffee you serve paints a picture of your brand, Serving a new client with a cup of instant for example isn’t going to impress. It’s become increasingly important that the coffee you serve is indicative of the product or service your business provides. Ultimately, a great office needs great coffee.

Are your team happy?

When considering if you need to upgrade your coffee machine, probably one of the first things to do is to ask if your team are happy with the current offering. Are you getting frequent reports of your machine not working for example? Are your team frustrated by the lack of choice or the quality of coffee you’re providing?

It’s sometimes a good idea to do this anonymously via an email survey so your team feel free to express what they think. Sometimes people may feel that they’ll get into trouble or they’ll be considered to be moaning too much but it’s important you understand their feelings and frustrations.

Your findings may show that the machine isn’t performing as it should or it’s breaking down on occasion. It may be inconsistent in terms of quality or it may be that your team simply don’t love the coffee. In these cases, an unreliable and inconsistent machine can frustrate employees and disrupt their daily routines.

Issues with the machine can also take vital time out of their working day reducing their overall productivity. Ordering a coffee via a bean-to-cup machine should be as simple as selecting your drink of choice and pressing a button. It should be a seamless and pleasant experience that your team enjoys. Remember, a happier and more motivated workforce can result from providing your team with an improved coffee experience. When you’re considering if it’s time for a coffee machine upgrade, also take a moment to ask yourself the following questions?

Is your machine outdated in terms of technology?

Technology in coffee machines advances over time. Newer models come equipped with features like touch screens, smartphone connectivity, and advanced brewing options that can enhance the user experience and improve the taste of your coffee beans.

If your current machine lacks these modern features, upgrading could improve convenience and user satisfaction and enjoyment for your team. In terms of how your machine looks is also a factor to consider. Today’s machines are sleek and stylish in design and fit into modern place office interiors. Does yours look and perform as well as it should?

Can your machine keep up with demand?

As machines get older, they can eventually reach the end of their life span. Again, if you’re having issues in terms of performance, maintenance and quality, then it’s time to upgrade. In business, things can change fast and as your office team may get bigger or smaller, your coffee needs will naturally evolve.

You may find that your current coffee machine is no longer capable of meeting the demand for coffee or the changing preferences of your employees. Upgrading to a more advanced machine with higher capacity or customisable options could be beneficial.

Does your machine offer variety?

Your office team may be perfectly happy with a simple espresso machine, but in our experience, employees value having a choice. Whether that’s a choice of coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos, or whether that’s a choice of coffee bean – they feel more empowered by having options.

Many modern machines have dual hoppers which give your team the choice of coffee beans. Some people choose to offer a decaf version with dual hoppers.

You’ll also be aware of the growing movement of plant-based milk. More and more people are exploring going dairy free whether that’s because they’re lactose intolerant, vegan or avoiding dairy for ethical and environmental reasons. In these cases, it’s good to be able to offer your team a choice of milk. Again, bean-to-cup machines now offer dual milk functionality with no risk of contamination so you can offer dairy milk and a plant-based option for your team.

Is your machine sustainable?

As a facilities or office manager you’ll be aware of your offices’ overarching commitment to sustainability. You may have a number of goals to ensure you and your team are operating in the most efficient and sustainable ways possible. Older bean-to-cup machines will not be as energy efficient as newer and more innovatively designed machines. For this reason, it may also be time to upgrade your offering. Most bean-to-cup machines are energy efficient and have a number of power-saving functions to support you in your sustainability goals.

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If you need a hand in selecting your new bean-to-cup machine, we’re here to help. Choose from a wide range of stylish and sustainable options that are reliable, robust and will provide a quality barista-style coffee experience, every time.