Our coffee range

Coffee isn’t just coffee. It’s making sure there’s a vibrant blend to welcome your guests with, or something mellow for easy sipping in the staff area. The right kind of fresh ground coffee at the right time is one of the little things in the life of a busy office that can make all the difference. And breaking for coffee really means stepping back from the conference table, taking some time to think things over and spending valuable getting-to-know-you time with clients and colleagues alike. All the more reason to provide exactly the right kind of drink.


We’ve made our range easy to understand, so you can choose the bean or ground coffee that’s best for you. From our refreshing, gentle Blue Mountain blend to our robust smoky and intense coffee, pick from a selection graded for their kick and complexity.


Really good coffee deserves a equally good brew and that’s why we have the perfect range of commercial coffee machines too. Whether you’re catering for the needs of a small office or more people in either a catering or corporate environment, we can help to guide you through choosing the right solution.


And it doesn’t end there. Our superb service plans make sure that the great coffee keeps on coming, so in the unlikely event of an office coffee machine break-down, we’re on hand to make things better again. Friendly, expert advice is no more than a phone call away, so why not talk to us today? And don’t take our word for it – take us up on our free trial and see what the benefits of great coffee feel like for yourself.

Our strength families

Serene - Our Coffee

Soothing and restorative, this collection of gentle coffees is warm and mellow. Full of easy-going flavours, and available in decaf, they’re ideal for everyday drinking and chilling out.

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Refreshed - Our Coffee

Sourced from the most popular coffee growing regions in the world, these uplifting coffees have been chosen for their subtle flavours, providing a gentle nudge into a busy day.

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Energised - Our Coffee

Warm, complex flavours come together with just enough kick to create a collection of coffees perfect for any time of the day. Bright and vibrant or nutty and rich – the choice is yours.

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Buzzled - Our Coffee

Take things up a notch. Chosen for their bold tastes and exotic notes, this charismatic collection packs a punch. A delicious wake up call.


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Hyper - Our Coffee

Designed to ignite the senses and the imagination, this collection of rich coffees celebrates the darker side of coffee. Enjoy short and black or with a hint of milk for the perfect caffeine fix.


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