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Check out our take on a range of topics relating to coffee, water and great office culture.

How Flexible Workspace is Changing the Way We Work

Traditional office design is thankfully long gone, as we’ve said goodbye to rows of uninspiring cubicles…

A Brief History of Coffee

Most of us enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning when we get to…

Why It’s Good to Make Friends at Work

Should we make friends at work? We share three reasons why it’s a good idea to…
FreshGround new premium Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee bean range

Introducing Our New Coffee Range from Rainforest Alliance-Certified Farms

Providing our customers with high-quality, ethically sourced coffee has always been important to us. In an…

Keeping Your Information Safe

GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – takes effect on 25th May, and here at FreshGround we’ve…
Why taking a proper lunch break can make you more productive

Why You Should Take a Proper Lunch Break

In every office, there are at least a few people who doggedly sit at their desks…
What winter means for FM's 

What Winter Means for Facilities Managers

From building maintenance issues to employee comfort and emergency weather planning to health and safety, the…
Can the right lighting boost productivity and wellness in your office?

How the Right Office Lighting Can Boost Productivity and Wellness

If you’ve worked in a number of offices over the years, you’ll know that lighting can…
5 habits to become more organised at work

5 Habits to Become More Organised at Work

Learning to be organised in the office is an important step to achieving your professional goals….