The Evolving Role of PAs and EAs

Once upon a time, PAs and EAs were simply thought of as secretaries. Responsible for answering the phone, typing up letters and making the c...

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How Does Your Generation Fit into the Workplace?

According to recent research, each generation behaves very differently in the workplace. The study has shown that year you were born has a b...

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How to Make Your Boss Happy – A PA’s Guide

Being a PA is a tough and demanding job. Whether you’re working for a large international corporation or a growing startup, you’...

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Top 5 Time Saving Tips for Busy Personal and Executive Assistants

Personal and executive assistants have to deal with a huge amount every day. From helping the boss keep track of daily tasks, deadlines and...

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Facilities Show 2015

Our Review of The Facilities Show 2015 – Watch Our Video

A good number of people approached our stand at Facilities Show 2015 and exclaimed “you must be so proud of yourselves”. Wise wo...

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Clerkenwell blog|Facilities Show 2015

FreshGround at Clerkenwell Design Week – See Our Video

They say making coffee is close to art, so where better to showcase our skill than at Clerkenwell Design Week? We displayed some of our best...

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