What’s the most expensive coffee machine?

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What are the best office coffee machine companies in London?

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green rainforest of trees

Sustainability and eco benefits of drinking water taps

A theme we hear a lot from our customers is sustainability and the desire to be more eco-driven.

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T1 Undercounter Tap

Top 15 sparkling water facts to make your brain bubble

At FreshGround, we’re big fans of sparkling water. Not only do we have sparkling water on tap in our offices, but we find it quite fascinati...

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woman filling up a water bottle from a tap

Why your office will benefit from a sparkling water dispenser

Demand for sparkling water has exploded in the last couple of years, with people looking for healthier options when chasing that fizzy fix.

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F3 Jura GIGA X smart phone app

Bean to cup, from your smart device

When it comes to coffee machines, we have the touchless solution right here, in the F3 Jura GIGA X.

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almonds falling into milk

What choice of milk is right for my coffee machine?

We take a look at the rise in plant-based milk, the different types of milk you can now have in your coffee and help you work out what’s rig...

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Next level filter coffee from the new A5 Egro Next Touch coffee machine

Introducing the latest generation of coffee machines for your workplace. Delivering the best in design and technology, the A5 Egro Next Touc...

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Two people sitting in an office kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee and a chat

5 simple tips to promote health and wellbeing in the office

Support your teams’ health and wellbeing at work with these simple initiatives that will help your workplace culture thrive. Health an...

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engineer discussing service plans

Do I need a service plan for my office coffee machine?

Have you decided you want to get a coffee machine for the office? Perhaps you want to reward your team with a quality coffee experience, or...

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coffee machine with woman selecting a coffee

Do I have to clean my office coffee machine?

Does your coffee suddenly smell strange? If so, you might want to consider when the last time was that you cleaned your office coffee machin...

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coffee machine in office area

Are commercial office coffee machines worth the expense?

There are of course lots of things to consider when making your selection from hundreds of types, models and styles of commercial coffee mac...

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