woman drinking milk with a straw

What are the best milk alternatives?

This handy guide will help you tell your almond from your oat milk and understand which options are the healthiest and most sustainable for...

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row of different coloured coffee in glass cups

Calorie labelling law – what does it mean for my business?

The calorie labelling law has come into effect meaning food sellers must be clear on nutritional value. What does it mean for you? A bill to...

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man pouring coffee in a coffee tasting session

Our first Coffee Experience Session

We recently launched a series of Coffee Experience Sessions from our showroom in Moorgate, London. Keep an eye out for our upcoming sessions...

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W2Touchless Water Dispenser

Touchless water dispensing is here – check out the app today

With the way the world has changed in the last couple of years, the demand for contactless options on our water dispensers has soared.

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Coffee in the O2 Arena

FreshGround opens UK coffee plantation in the O2 Arena

Find out more about our exciting new project that will transform the coffee industry as we know it. FreshGround is excited to announce a new...

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landscape view of Scafell Peak in Cumbria

FreshGround team take on the Three Peaks Challenge

This year as part of our annual fundraising activity, the team will be taking part in the gruelling Three Peaks Challenge which involves cli...

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men in office drinking coffee

Introducing FreshGround Coffee Experience Days for 2022

It’s not too late to join us at our very first Coffee Experience Day at our showroom in Moorgate, London on Thursday 24th March 2022. We’re...

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man at a coffee tasting session drinking coffee

What happens at a coffee tasting?

Are you thinking about getting a coffee machine and improving your team’s experience at work? If so, read on, because one of the decisions y...

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basket of pastel coloured egs

It’s that time of year EGG-ain. Get ready to unwrap your Creme Eggs!

We’ve created a special chocolatey drink recipe that you can make easily at work for you and your colleagues to enjoy. Cadbury Creme E...

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coffee machine in an office kitchen

Coffee machines and boiling water taps – are they worth it?

Today’s workplace is changing quickly and ever-evolving. It’s never been more important that offices are nimble, flexible and quick to react...

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coffee cups and beans on white background

Bean to cup coffee machine vs coffee pod machine? Which one is best?

What style of coffee machine is right for you and your team? We guide you through the differences between bean to cup machines and pod machi...

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team chatting and laughing in the office

How to keep everyone happy in the office

From clear communication to coffee and perks, we take a look at simple ways to support the happiness and engagement of your team. If you’re...

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