man fixing coffee machine with screwdriver

What happens if something goes wrong with my office coffee machine?

You can invest in the highest quality coffee machine but at some point, you’re likely going to have an issue with it. In life, things do go...

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office kitchen with water tap

Are commercial boiling taps worth the expense?

Are you thinking about getting a boiling water tap for your office? Perhaps your team has grown in number or your office needs have changed...

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glass of latte coffee on counter in office kitchen

What are the best drinks from my office coffee machine?

Although Brits are known for their love of a good cup of tea, last year saw coffee tie with tea as the UK’s favourite drink. As a nation of...

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woman filling up a water bottle from a tap

Do undercounter water taps in the office save money?

Just a small drop in hydration levels can result in issues with concentration, mood and wellbeing. So what's the best option for your water...

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coworking space with people at work

What’s the best coffee machine for a small office?

The UK’s coffee consumption has soared from 70 million cups a day in 2008 to a staggering 98 million per day in 2021. 25% of that is c...

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woman pouring milk into coffee

Granular or fresh milk – what’s best for my office?

Not sure whether you want a fresh milk or granular milk coffee machine for the office? We’ll explain the pros and cons of both. It was...

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picture of coffee cup with latte art in the shape of a heart

Espresso your love for coffee this Valentine’s Day with our top five facts

Naturally, at FreshGround, we LOVE coffee. From lattes, ristrettos to espressos and cappuccinos, there’s a coffee drink for everyone. So thi...

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three spring-inspired drinks on pale background

Drinks that will put a spring in your step

Enjoy some refreshing tea, coffee and sparkling water drinks this spring in the office. Days are getting longer and lighter with the onset o...

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Why do we need to take breaks outdoors?

As life continues to return to normal, many of us are being encouraged to head back to the office. There are lots of benefits to working in...

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coffee machine in the office

Kettle vs office coffee machine – what’s right for you?

Are you thinking of getting a coffee machine for the office or are you happy with your office kettle? Understand which one is right for you...

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Crew volunteering for the rapid relief team

Rapid Relief Team and FreshGround

Here at FreshGround, our team actively cultivates a spirit of generosity. Giving back to our community is incredibly important to us. We’ve...

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glass of water with a slice of lemon

Drinking more water in 2022

If “drink more water” is on your new year resolutions list, read on as we’ve wrapped up all the benefits of drinking more water in our blog.

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