The Essentials of Coffee Brewing

Our resident Speciality Coffee Association trainer, Scott Barnes, shares his top tips and tricks to get a perfect, fully-rounded filter coff...

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red cup of coffee with lots of coffee beans around it

The coffee bean journey explained – from crop to cup

Understand the entire journey of the coffee bean from where it’s grown, the process and how it reaches your office coffee cup in our g...

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Glossary of coffee

If you can’t tell your cortado from your cappuccino or your macchiato from your latte, we’re here to help. With so many different coffee typ...

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Autumn-Inspired Drinks For The Office

Autumn officially begins on September 22nd here in the UK, and we’ve been thinking of delicious drinks to keep us cosy at work. With summer...

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What Length Agreement Should I Sign?

Part of the process of building the right coffee machine or water package is choosing the agreement length. And just like the other aspects...

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cup of coffee with latte art

Fresh or Granulated Milk – Which Is Better?

Our coffee machines offer a wide variety of barista-quality drinks all at the touch of a button. Many of the machines in our range dispense...

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coffee machine pouring a latte

Are Fresh Milk Coffee Machines Hard to Clean?

If you decide to get a fresh milk coffee machine for the office, what do you need to do to keep it clean? We explain everything you need to...

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woman pouring water from a tap

Water Cooler or Water Tap – What’s Best?

What’s the best water solution for your office? We look at whether a water cooler or a water tap would work for you and your team. You...

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Celebrating Coworking on International Coworking Day

The term ‘coworking’ has been around for over 20 years now. Coworking can be defined as “people assembling in a neutral space to work indepe...

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Choosing A Service Provider – How To Write A Brief

Making the decision to opt for one service provider over the other can be complex as there are so many options to consider. As an office man...

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Choosing A Service Provider – 5 Top Tips

Office managers have a tough job. From enhancing company culture and increasing employee engagement, to delivering value and proving ROI to...

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woman signing a contract

Choosing An Office Service Partner – A Guide To

Find out how to choose a new office service partner and navigate the entire process seamlessly with our advice from experts. We recently tea...

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