glass of water with ice and mint

Our 5 Top Thirst-Quenching Sparkling Water Recipes

Summer is finally upon us so to celebrate, our team got together to create these fantastic sparkling water recipes to keep you cool in the o...

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Our Team – How is it Back in the Office?

Many UK businesses are starting to get back to normal, with employees are spending more time back in the office. A recent survey from the BB...

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limescale on a heating element

Limescale – What Is It & Why Is It a Problem?

Everything you need to know about limescale and how to keep it at bay. Around 60% of the UK is classed as having hard or very hard water. Th...

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Sparkling water tap filling up glass

Why Your Office Needs a Sparkling Water Dispenser

How much water should we be drinking at work and would a sparkling water dispenser be an added benefit to the office? We all know we should...

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Pouring water over coffee|

Why Does My Filter Coffee Taste Bad?

Ever gone to your pour-over coffee machine to grab a cup in the office only to realise it tastes really bad? It’s one of the worst ways to s...

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Employees chatting in the office

The benefits of getting your team back in the office

Now lockdown is easing, many of us are gradually returning to the office. We take a look at the benefits of going back and why we should be...

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white kitchen with coffee machine in an office

Recommissioning your office coffee machine or water dispenser

Find out how easy it is to recommission your office coffee machine and water dispenser after a period of downtime. If your office coffee mac...

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Lady Holding Water Bottle Hydration and Laptop

Hydration at Work – Your Responsibilities

Maintaining good hydration levels is vital for health. We take a look at the laws in the UK and other recommendations around water supply an...

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Shared office kitchen breakout space

How to Safely Use Your Shared Office Kitchen

As the UK navigates its way out of lockdown following the government’s roadmap, offices can expect to start reopening. After months of...

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Office workers using water dispenser|

Touch-Free Tech for Your Workplace Kitchen

In recent years, hygiene and cleanliness at work have become increasingly important. Touch-free technology can help mitigate some health and...

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Employees laughing

Return to The Office – An Industry-Wide View

Right now, the official government advice for office workers in England is that they must work from home where possible. The Prime Minister...

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Lunchbox greenery plastic-free and water bottle with lemons with laptop keyboard and glasses

Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic at Work

In the UK it’s estimated that five million tonnes of plastic are used every year, and nearly half of this is packaging. Plastic pollution is...

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