P3 Bunn ICB

Rent this machine for your office from just £2.29 per day

P3 Bunn ICB
P3 Bunn ICB
P3 Bunn ICB
P3 Bunn ICB
P3 Bunn ICB
P3 Bunn ICB

P3 Bunn ICB

Rent this machine for your office from just £2.29 per day

Brew capacity

2.5L / 5L

Perfect for

High-capacity areas

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Key Features

  • Suitable for brewing vast amounts of consistently high-quality coffee, with back-to-back brewing capacity
  • Brew into ThermoFresh servers for large applications, or directly into airpots for smaller meetings
  • Choice of full-batch (5L) or half-batch (2.5L) brewing
  • Energy saver mode reduces the tank temperature during quiet periods

More about the P3 Bunn ICB

Ideal for keeping the coffee flowing in high-capacity areas, the P3 enables you to brew 2.5L or 5L of filter coffee at a time.

  • Large water tank with a capacity of more than 11 litres, for continuous brewing
  • Brews up to 35 litres per hour at maximum capacity
  • Easy-to-use digital display makes it simple to brew consistent, great-tasting filter coffee
  • Features pre-infusion, pulse brew and bypass for maximum flavour extraction, and multi-directional spray head for uniform extraction every time


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P3 Bunn ICB on a countertop

Technical details

Have a question about the technical specs of the P3 Bunn ICB that isn’t answered below? Contact us today and the team will be happy to help.

(W x H x D)

Machine only:
254 x 681 x 559 mm


240v 13a UK plug


3/8” BSP connection required

Texture - dark wood

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Frequently asked questions

Need to know more about the P3 Bunn ICB filter coffee machine? Check out our FAQs below.

Is a filter coffee machine right for my office?

There are lots of benefits to having a filter coffee machine. The main one being you can brew large quantities of consistently good quality coffee – in this case, you can brew an impressive 35 litres per hour if required! They are great machines for high-traffic office areas or in meeting and conference rooms. However if you need any advice, simply contact our team who will be able to help you find the perfect office coffee machine for you.

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Is the P3 Bunn ICB budget-friendly?

We understand that budgets are stretched but you shouldn’t have to compromise on wanting quality coffee from the office. The P3 Bunn ICB is actually one of our most cost-effective machines in our range with rental costs starting from only £2.29 per day.

Texture - brown brushed wall
Is it a sustainable coffee machine?

You don’t have to worry too much about your carbon footprint when it comes to the P3 Bunn ICB. It’s a sustainable choice for green offices as it has an energy saver mode that reduces the tank temperature during quiet periods. It’s a great choice if you’re an office team that’s working towards sustainability goals and one that also cares for the environment.

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What type of coffee do I need?

You’ll just need to use pre-ground coffee beans for this filter machine. We have a wide range of filter coffee you can purchase online or alternatively ask us about our free loan option which is where you’ll get the machine on loan at no cost and just pay for an agreed regular delivery of fresh and great tasting coffee each month.

Texture - dark brown wood

Why rental?

Not sure if it’s better to rent or buy your office coffee machine flat out? We’ll explain why rental is most likely going to work best for you and business. And if you’re still not sure, why not ask us about free-loan agreements, where you’ll pay only for your coffee!

  • Short-term contracts and flexibility

    Commitment-phobe? Not a problem! We offer short-term, flexible rental contracts from only three months. This means you won’t be tied into lengthy lease terms with third-party finance agents. Plus with FreshGround’s exceptional customer service, you’ll have the option to change or upgrade your coffee machine fuss-free.

  • Only the best

    We only offer the highest quality commercial coffee machines that are built to last, but because of this, they can be expensive to purchase outright. However, if you choose to rent your machine, you’ll have no large capital outlay so if your business budget is tight, you can still afford to get the best machine for your office. Oh, and did we mention the rental option is tax-deductible?

  • All-in-one cost

    Choosing FreshGround for all your office coffee needs will delight your colleagues and clients, and will give you total peace of mind. Our rental contracts offer servicing and maintenance as standard so you won’t face hefty call out charges or unexpected costs. Got an issue or a query you need resolving? We’ve got you! Our expert team is on hand to provide friendly, efficient and timely customer service.

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Complement this machine with a partnering water dispenser and coffee package

The Rainforest Alliance

Our Premium Blend coffees are from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, meaning you can enjoy your brew in the knowledge that you’re helping to support coffee growers and their communities.

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