Sustainable servicing: FreshGround partners with PedalMe

FreshGround partners with PedalMe to deliver fast, reliable and sustainable servicing and maintenance to our London clients.

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freshly ground coffee vs instant coffee

Freshly ground coffee vs instant coffee? An honest opinion

Hot topic: enter the freshly ground coffee vs instant coffee debate – and discover which is the healthier and tastier option for your office...

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herbal teas

5 herbal teas to brighten up your workplace

Bring the aromas of the natural world indoors with these 5 heart-warming herbal teas – bound to brighten up any workplace.

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Research Team at The University of Texas at El Paso

New study reveals used coffee grounds can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases

Why recycle used coffee grounds? Findings from The University of Texas at El Paso reveal they can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

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light to dark roast coffee

Light to dark roast coffee – a simple guide

Looking for inspiration? This simple light to dark roast coffee guide will help you find new favourites in 3 minutes.

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inclusive workplace

How can coffee promote an inclusive workplace?

Looking to foster diversity at work? Here's why your coffee culture a key part of any inclusive workplace.

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still water vs sparkling water

Still water vs sparkling water? The bubbling debate

With more people drinking sparkling water year-on-year, we pour some fizz on the still water vs sparkling water health debate.

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commercial coffee machines

The 7 best commercial coffee machines (and why)

Getting quality coffee at work should never be a grind. See this authoritative guide on the best commercial coffee machines (and why).

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art of coffee

The art of coffee: what makes a perfect cup?

From finessing the water-to-coffee ratio to checking the grind's coarseness, we spotlight the art of coffee.

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caramel wafer oat latte

We ranked the 5 tastiest coffee syrups

From velvety vanilla to hazelnut goodness and lavender lattes – unlock ultimate indulgence with the 5 tastiest coffee syrups (ranked).

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mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work starts with coffee

Feeling stressed out? Know that the secret to mindfulness at work is all about your coffee break.

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coffee and food pairings

A scrumptious guide to coffee and food pairings

Move aside morning croissant: these delightful coffee and food pairings will change the way you experience a cup of java, forever.

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