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How can coffee promote an inclusive workplace?

Ollie | November 26, 2023

An inclusive workplace is key to any thriving business. It can be the difference between losing and attracting top talent. Between an unhappy and unproductive team – and a thriving and motivated team. So how can business owners be inclusive? In this blog – we explain why providing an exceptional coffee experience is a brilliant way to foster inclusivity at work.

An inclusive workplace means inclusive coffee

You may need a hot cup for this one. Take these 5 tips:

Provide plant-based milks

The power of plant-based. Stocking alternative milks in your office’s breakout area caters to your employees’ dietary requirements and taste preferences. With 1 in 3 people in the UK drinking plant-based milks – stocking up oat milk, almond milk, soya milk and other alternative milks means every employee can feast on their favourite milky coffees and teas in-office.

‘Oat milk cappuccino, anyone?’ An easy way to cater to plant-based milk lovers is by installing a dual-milk coffee machine. That way, both dairy and non-dairy coffee lovers can grab a cup – from just the touch of a button.

Offer several coffee types

coffee tasting

Ready to wow your workplace? Offering lots of types of coffee includes everyone in the breakout area buzz. After arriving in the morning, flocking to the office coffee machine for a barista-quality cup sets a welcome tone for the day. Whether you’re an Italian espresso fan, love a foamy flat white or go mad for a morning mocha – it’s crucial that every employee has a delicious drink for Monday’s meeting.

Like the sound of barista-quality coffee for all? Renting a premium coffee machine is an easy step to make.
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Taste coffee blends with different origins

Now that your bean-to-cup machine is a hit your office, you can think about what kinds of coffee blends you’re drinking. We recommend using a wide range of coffee beans (grown in different countries). For example, stocking blends from Brazil, Guatemala, Uganda, Colombia, Ethiopia and other countries enables employees to connect to their heritage. Or at least discover new blends they can’t get enough of.

It’s amazing how a simple action can celebrate diversity.
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Quality coffee gets people talking

Coffee is social. Meaning the better coffee culture your office has – the more conversations are flowing. Ideas circulating. And positive actions taking place. Expect a buzz around your office kitchen (or breakout area) when your colleague is prepping a round of hot drinks for your desk. And it’s amazing how mindful your days become when you cherish coffee breaks.

Research shows sociable workplaces are happier and more productive. And that starts with inclusive coffee.

Make coffee part of your work culture

FreshGround coffee (company meeting)

Caring businesses keep the coffee flowing. That’s why you’ll need to stock up on quality coffee to include everyone in the buzz. Get in touch with us via 020 7553 7900 (phone) or (email) and we’ll find you the perfect coffee machine, beans and servicing for you inclusive workplace.