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Still water vs sparkling water? The bubbling debate

Ollie | November 23, 2023

Perhaps it’s the fizzy exhales of each bubble. The slightly spiky feel in your mouth. Or the excitement of nourishing that fizzy drink craving (minus the sugar and caffeine). Either way: sparkling water’s popularity is popping. And that means – the inquisitive health-conscious souls that we are – the still water vs sparkling water debate is bubbling up.

In this blog, we reveal the reasons behind the boom, plus health differences and why it’s essential to offer both in any workplace.

What is sparkling water?

sparkling waterT4 Billi Quadra Sparkling

Sparkling water is still water plus carbon dioxide. It’s created when applying pressure to water and adding carbon dioxide – resulting in a fizzy, carbonated water full of bubbles. Some sparkling waters (usually in a can or bottle) are infused with sugar, sweeteners (like aspartame and sucralose) and sodium.

For the pure sparkling water – we recommend installing an undercounter sparkling water tap to hydrate your staff. And really make your hospitality sparkle.
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Still water vs sparkling water (health differences explained)

Sparkling water is just as hydrating as still water. But how does it affect my health?

Think about your teeth

Debate swirls around whether sparkling water is worse for your teeth than still water. Since carbonated water is more acidic, with a slightly higher PH, some suggest it’s more likely to erode your enamel than still water – making your more teeth more vulnerable to cavities. However, others emphasise it’s the artificial sugars and sweeteners we should worry about; and that (unsweetened) sparkling water poses no threat teeth health.

Our tip is to ensure your sparkling water comes from a mains water-supply. This means it contains fluoride (found in still water) – which prevents teeth decay. Need some guidance? Our engineers can install all sparkling taps directly to the mains.
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Can sparkling water clear your throat?

Evidence reveals sparkling water can help clear your throat and improve swallowing. On the other hand, you will want to drink it at a slow pace. As drinking too fast can be unpleasant (thanks to its slightly prickly feel). And cause you hiccups from the build-up of bubbles.

Does sparkling water make you fuller?

T5 Billi Quadra Plus TapT5 Billi Quadra Plus Tap

Some find sparkling water’s bubbles make them feel full, unlike with still water. And because of this, people may drink more sparkling water when dieting. On the other hand, there are also studies revealing sparkling water can increase ghrelin (which riles up our appetite). Ultimately, since all our bodies our different – we recommend trying both to see how you react. Instead of ordering in big single-use plastic bottles, we can recommend you a tap that dispenses both in your workplace.

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Bubbles: good or bad for your stomach?

sparkling water bubbles

Excellent question. Studies suggest drinking sparkling can help relieve constipation and indigestion. But saying that, you must be weary of drinking too much sparkling because this can cause bloating and wind. As well as acid reflux for those with IBS or GERD.

The excitement of pouring a fizzy glass makes for effervescent afternoons in the office. But be careful not to burst.

A healthy debate

Above all, still water vs sparkling water is a healthy debate to have. It shows we care about hydrating ourselves properly and limiting our intake of sugary drinks (which cause huge blood sugar spikes and crashes), and ultimately slow us down.

If you’re stuck on the fence: why not stay there? We believe all beautiful breakout areas should offer both to refresh and nourish their staff. And it’s energising to mix up your working day with different drinks.

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