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What happens if something goes wrong with my office coffee machine?

Zoe | March 8, 2022

You can invest in the highest quality coffee machine but at some point, you’re likely going to have an issue with it. In life, things do go wrong, so it’s best to accept that and have a plan in place.

Coffee machines are no different from say, your washing machine or dishwasher, so when you buy them, do you take out cover or just take them home? If you do buy outright and not take cover, you accept that when something goes wrong, you manage that risk yourself. Whereas if you purchase with cover and insurance, you know you’re covered for any issues.

So what happens when your office coffee machine isn’t working?

Firstly there are lots of reasons why it’s so important to keep the coffee flowing in the office. Coffee is scientifically proven to increase productivity at work and it can also boost employee morale. In fact, in a poll, ​​61% of employees feel their employer cares about their well-being if they provide hot beverages. It can even help to improve morale. Coffee can help make meetings more productive and can also increase creativity and engagement. So, when your coffee machine breaks down at work, you need a fix… and fast!

Don’t panic

The issue with your machine could actually be very simple and an easy one to resolve. First of all, you can take a look online. A quick Google might come up with an easy solution you can self diagnose. Of course many of us providers spend our time helping to make these experiences as simple and easy for you as we can – it’s what we do best!

If you have a full-service office coffee machine provider that offers machines, beans and customer service, you should find a help section online. These should have easy how-to videos, guides and manuals. These can help troubleshoot and find the cause of your issue. So think about things like when did you last clean your coffee machine? They need to be cleaned regularly so it could be it just needs a quick clean to get it up and running again.

However, the workings of an office coffee machine are complex and there are many variables as to what may have gone wrong. In this case, if you can’t find out the problem, you’re going to need some outside help.

Am I covered if my office coffee machine goes wrong?

This comes back to the decision you made when first getting your office coffee machine. Did you buy outright or did you get your machine from a business that offers full-service cover?

If you bought your machine without any cover, you’ll need to find yourself a qualified engineer to come out and take a look at it. This can be expensive to get someone out and it may not be immediate. Some suppliers who simply sell products with a manufacturer warranty will be less likely to provide support and ongoing warranty. Overall, it’s a less reliable offering.

We also found that more often, suppliers who offer a subscription-based model and provide full service, are more likely to be built on ethics. They should offer quality customer service and therefore give you a better experience.

Who should I call when my office coffee machine breaks down?

So hopefully at this point, you’ve got a service plan in place which makes your office coffee machine issue much less hassle and stress. In this case, simply call up your provider who can offer phone support. Thet can direct you to how-to videos, schedule video calls with an expert or they’ll send out an engineer.

This makes the process much simpler and leaves you to get on with the important things like running your office. So when you’re considering getting a coffee machine, ask yourself what’s more valuable to you? Does your decision come down to low cost, or are you after an option that is hassle-free with customer service you can rely on?