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Why you should take a proper lunch break

FreshGround | January 13, 2023

In every office, there are at least a few of us who sit at our desks right through our lunch break. Whether as a sign of dedication or as part of an effort to get more done, desk lovers can make other workers feel bad about their café trip or lunchtime stroll.

However, there’s a very good chance that by taking a proper lunch you’re actually more productive than colleagues who stare at their screens all day. What’s more, your lunch break could help to make you healthier, happier and even better at your job.

Staying healthy

One of the best reasons there is for taking a proper lunch break is the opportunity it affords to get some much-needed nutrients into your body. Taking time out to eat a healthy, balanced meal can help to provide your body with the fuel it needs to get through the afternoon. Whether you pack your own lunch or pop to a nearby café, having a proper lunch will do you a lot more good than filling up on crisps and sugary snacks from the office vending machine.

Boosting concentration

Lunch breaks have been falling out of fashion for a while now and these days only one in five office workers takes time away from their desk in the middle of the day. However, research has shown that getting away from the computer and out of the office can actually boost concentration levels in the afternoon. Even better, employees who take regular 15 to 20-minute breaks throughout the day have higher levels of concentration. This means your morning coffee run could help your productivity levels even more.

Take a break from stimulation

During the working day, we’re bombarded with stimulation. From zoom calls and emails to meetings and brainstorming sessions, our minds are constantly on the go. Taking a break from this constant stimulation can be beneficial for our wellbeing. A little ‘quiet time’ can help to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

Fresh air

Although any time away from your desk will be beneficial during your lunch hour, if you can find an opportunity to get outside, your break will have an even more positive impact on your productivity levels. Taking a walk in a local park or sitting in the sunshine can help to improve concentration spans in the afternoon. Getting a change of scenery can also help to boost levels of creativity and help you to get your work done more quickly when you return to the office.

Get in touch

To make your breaks even more enjoyable, invest in a high-quality coffee machine for your office. The perfect excuse for a morning break or an afternoon breather, a good coffee machine can help to fuel your workplace. Get in touch to find out more.