Candy floss iced latte

Iced Candy Floss Latte – recipe video

  Try a flavour from the fairground with our iced candy floss latte! Just try not to eat all of the candy floss before you make the dri...

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two women meeting in office

Choosing a new service provider – how to write a brief

Making the decision to opt for one service provider over the other can be complex as there are so many options to consider. As an office man...

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Iced Dirty Chai Latte video

Dairy-free Iced Dirty Chai Latte – recipe video

  Fancy something a little different? You should give a dairy-free iced dirty chai latte a go (try saying that really fast three times!...

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Caramel Wafer Oat Latte recipe video

Caramel Wafer Oat Latte – recipe video

  There’s nothing quite like this caramel wafer oat latte. It’s so sweet and perfect for a warm afternoon!It’s a dodd...

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Oreo O’s Oat Latte – recipe video

  Fancy adding something a little different to your coffee? Do you love Oreo’s? Well how about trying the Oreo O’s oat iced...

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Coffee machine in office

Your machine order – what happens next?

Congratulations! You’ve ordered a new coffee machine or water dispenser from FreshGround, and the cogs have started turning to improve...

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Orange coffee with video play button

Orange Coffee – recipe video

 Have you tried this orange coffee? It’s refreshingly unique, that’s for sure! It’s also a great way to stay happy, h...

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Caramel Apple Latte video thumbnail

Caramel Apple Latte – winter drinks video series

 It’s the last of our winter warmer drinks! We’ve made a scrumptious caramel apple latte which is proving to be a massive h...

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Decommissioning your office coffee machine

Shutting down your coffee or water dispenser for a while

Closing the office for the holidays? You’ll probably want to leave your kitchen equipment off to save energy, especially if you’...

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Nutella Mocha

Nutella mocha – winter drinks video series

 It’s the second of our winter warmer drinks! We’ve made a delicious Nutella mocha using our favourite chocolate hazelnut s...

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Chocolate mint mocha made with After Eight chocolates

Chocolate mint mocha – winter drinks video series

 Let’s crack on with the first of our winter warmer drinks! We’ve made a chocolate mint mocha using our favourite evening t...

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Snickerdoodle Latte

Snickerdoodle latte – autumn drinks video series

 It’s time for drink three of our autumn drinks campaign! The last in the series is our amazing snickerdoodle latte!It’s ve...

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