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The 7 best commercial coffee machines (and why)

Ollie | November 22, 2023 | 4 minute read

Picture this. Crowds of coffee-craving workers pile into your office. All itching for that first cup to fuel meetings and deadlines. And there’s only one thing on their mind: coffee. With the clock ticking, your team’s time is too valuable to waste waiting for the office kettle to boil. They deserve quality coffee. Easily. And fast.

That’s why an exceptional coffee set-up is so key to your workplace culture. Need some guidance? This authoritative guide on the 7 best commercial coffee machines will help you find the perfect fit.

The 7 best commercial coffee machines

1. Egro

Egro Next Coffee Machines
F5 Egro Next

Egro ‘work every day to set new quality standards in the coffee industry’ – and it shows. Those reading who are keen value their employees must land on the F5 Egro Next. Catered to large offices (up to 200 people), it provides barista-quality coffee at the touch of a button. Meaning crowded breakout areas are a thing of the past. And with up to 48 pre-programmed selections, hot and cold milk foam options, and optional dairy-free and dual-milk options – there’s a coffee to delight every team member. Anytime.

Plus, know that when you rent with FreshGround, our maintenance guides and servicing plans will keep the coffee flowing. Every. Single. Day.

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2. La Cimbali

La Cimbali coffee machine
F4 La Cimbali S15

“Imagine a coffee break with the taste of a real Italian Espresso”.

If not La Cimbali’s philosophy doesn’t make you crave a cup – nothing will. The Italian-founded company’s range of fully automatic machines make hit features in small-to-medium sized offices. Topping them all is their latest release – the F4 LaCimbali S15 – offering espresso-based and fresh milk coffees (thanks to its 7L fresh milk fridge), plus mocha and hot chocolate options with the same ‘unmistakable premium quality’. It’s dairy-free dual milk option also means all members can relish their milky coffees. La Cimbali is a true crowd favourite.
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Jura Coffee Machines
F3 Jura GIGA X

Boasting ‘the highest quality and pioneering innovation’, JURA coffee machines are a top choice for offices, serviced workspaces, law firms and more. The Swiss-founded oozes a sleek style that will wow your employees. And they even have Roger Federer as their Brand Ambassador.

Our pick is the F3 Jura GIGA X: perfect for offices up to 75 people. And especially for those with a soft spot for a milky cappuccinos and lattes – this machine’s variable milk foaming option lets you customise your frothy favourites to your heart’s content. It’s dual-bean hoppers offer you two different blends (catering to any decaf lovers in the office). Even more impressive: its touch-free option (through the Jura JOE app for smartphone or smartwatch) is bound to impress your clients. Before your meeting has even started.

Top tip: trial (or rent the F3 Jura GIGA X from just £7.14 per day) with FreshGround and we’ll help install it in the perfect place for you. Plus our attentive service package means we’re always on-hand to answer any questions, and keep the coffee flowing daily.
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4. Franke

Franke coffee machine

Franke’s range of fully automatic machines promises ‘indulgence with every cup’ – with syrup flavour stations. They feature in bakeries, coffee shops and fast-food restaurants – as well as healthcare buildings and workplaces. With many designed to be used in limited spaces, while still providing high-quality coffee.

5. Vitro

Vitro coffee machine

Vitro’s bean-to-cup coffee machines are well-suited to busy commercial settings. Boasting easy-to-use touch screens that dispense elegant espressos, charming cappuccinos and lush lattes. As well as hot chocolate and tea options. A reputable choice.

6. Bravilor Bonamat

Bravilor Bonamat coffee machine

A commercial coffee machine from Bravilor Bonamat boasts an intuitive user interface with simple push-buttons. Many machines have three canisters (for coffee beans, milk and chocolate) – that when mixed with hot water – present a delicious cup. Ideal for ‘busy environments where speed, convenience, and quality are essential’, this commercial bean-to-cup machine manufacturer is worth your consideration.

7. Crew

Crew coffee machine

Crew’s fully automatic coffee machine range includes a high capacity boiler and water tank, making it ideal for locations without a mains water supply. These feature in hotels, retail stores, airport lounges, showrooms, cafés and bakeries. As well as larger offices: with some machines capable of producing 200 cups per day.

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