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Freshly ground coffee vs instant coffee – an honest opinion

Ollie | December 8, 2023

As an office or facilities manager, you know that valuing your team is a top priority. Providing easy access to exceptional coffee is an way to do this. And with that thought comes the hot debate: fresh coffee vs instant coffee? Which is better? Which is heathier? And which should I choose for my team?

Freshly ground coffee vs instant coffee – what’s the difference?

Instant coffee is made by dehydrating brewed coffee and then turning it into a fine powder or granules. This process means that the coffee has already been roasted, ground, and brewed before it even gets hot. Simply add water – and your cup is ready. In the other corner: freshly ground coffee is made by grinding whole coffee beans and brewing them. The result? A fresh and flavoursome cup.

Think instant coffee is more convenient? Think again

F5 Egro Next coffee machineF5 Egro Next coffee machine

We’ve all been there. Peeling ourselves out of bed in the morning – sometimes we just want a caffeine kick. Somewhere. Somehow. And with 73% of UK coffee drinkers making instant coffee at home – people’s desperation for a quick cup is an instant sell.

But what if we told you enjoying freshly ground coffee can be just as convenient? Even more so: with one touch of a FreshGround coffee machine handing you a delightful barista-style brew. From sharp espressos to oat milk lattes), mochas and more.

We also looked into the health differences to heat up the debate.

What are the health differences?

old woman drinking coffeePhoto by @lauramc/a> via Unsplash Images

In addition to taste, freshly ground coffee also has some health benefits that instant coffee can’t provide. For a start: freshly ground offers a higher source of antioxidants. These can help to protect your body against free radicals; and recent studies even show these can help prevent the appearance of neurogenerative diseases later in life.

On the other hand, instant coffee contains more acrylamide – a neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemical used to preserve foods. And many brands contain added sugars and flavours designed to mask the bitterness of the coffee, which can cause blood sugar spikes, crashes and cravings.

Put simply: freshly ground coffee the better option for the health-conscious.

Does freshly ground coffee taste better?

As we just mentioned, some instant coffee can taste burnt or bitter. This happens when instant coffee is made by spray-drying. As the extreme heat effectively cooks out the natural oils and flavours of the coffee bean. It’s why your instant coffee can feel quite sharp on first sip. Many people also find instant’s mouthfeel quite watery and forgettable, without many tasting notes to tell your friends about.

It’s why we recommend trying different whole bean blends that will quickly become firm favourites. From grape and ripe cherries to nutty flavours, smoky tobacco and chocolate.

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Inspire your team with freshly ground coffee

Office kettle queues waste time. And your team shouldn’t have to hit the high street to find a quality cup. As a business owner or facilities manager, you can show you value them by setting up an exceptional coffee experience in your breakout area.

Browse our bean-to-cup coffee machines and book a demo to get started.

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