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‘Coffee, anyone’? Why the little things really matter at work

Ollie | February 9, 2024

Picture this. You’re sat at your desk, eyelids sunken in the post-lunch slump. You spy an avalanche of unread emails. Hear phone calls cascading from all sides. And find it impossible to focus.

Just a minute, please. ‘I need my coffee’.

But as you stand up to head towards the office coffee machine, your colleague puts your favourite hazelnut syrup latte on your desk. Freshly made. ‘All good? Anything I can help with?’

Small gestures hold enormous power at work. In this blog, we spotlight why the little things really matter.

Why do acts of kindness matter work?

Aurelija Mickiens smiling

Whether it’s giving a colleague their favourite tea or coffee, holding the door open, or offering words of affirmation – kind actions define a workplace. But why?


Gift giving warms our spirits

Gift giving makes people smile. And we’re not talking about Christmas presents; simply handing a colleague their favourite coffee can warm their spirits. Gift giving (and receiving) releases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin – flooding us with happy hormones that make us feel loved, seen and connected to others. Ever heard of ‘helper’s high’?

Our human sensitivity can be easily swallowed up in our manic-paced working world. This is why acts of kindness are especially important in an office setting: they take us out the ‘rat race’ – reminding us of our humanity and need for connection with others.

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‘Coffee?’ creates workplace belonging

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‘Anyone fancy a coffee?’ These are the words sung at my marketing desk every morning. And my sense of belonging brews even stronger than the caffeine. Put simply: offering and making coffees for your team members puts energy in the room.

Coffee breaks and communication come hand-in-hand. Meaning colleague-to-colleague catch-ups flow alongside the cappuccinos from your office coffee machines. This is crucial for your employee retention, especially new starters looking to feel welcome in your workplace culture.

If you’re an office manager liking the sound of this – know that bean to cup coffee machines can produce quality coffee in seconds. Meaning even the busiest bees have time for a coffee and 5 minutes.

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Kindness boosts staff wellbeing

‘Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting’ (Brain Tracy)

Normalising and encouraging acts of kindness (like gifting a coffee) can boost workplace wellbeing. Immersed in a stressful world, you never know what the colleague to your left is going through. That’s why small acts of kindness can skyrocket happiness and belonging in the workplace.


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