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Is the key to recruitment and retention your coffee?

Ollie | January 18, 2024 | 3 minute read

People make or break businesses. It’s why companies are always looking to attract and keep the best people.

But recruitment and retention isn’t easy. Each business must nurture a happy culture that values each person and also entices new talent like moths to a flame. Or risk being overlapped by competitors. In this blog: we explain why the key secret to success is in your coffee.

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How can office coffee attract and retain talent?

The best talent hold a magnifying class over your workplace culture when deciding whether to join. This means every perk, incentive or initiative matters – and can swing the recruitment needle in your favour.

Here’s why your coffee matters.

Coffee shows you care

two FreshGround employees encouraging a coffee and chat (coffee helps recruitment and retention)

A lack of coffee in the morning leaves a poor taste. Your team should never have to venture to the high-street for quality coffee – spending on average 16 minutes of your collective time and £3.80 of their money in the process. In contrast, providing barista-style coffee in-office shows your team you care. It says: we value your time, your efforts and your role in our team.

We recommend installing bean-to-cup coffee machines in your office to bring the luxury of high-street coffee in-house. Meaning your team can feast on their favourite coffees effortlessly – tasting addictive americanos to lush lattes. A brilliant way to meet their indispensable need with a touch of class.

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Coffee creates a social buzz

four male workers collaborating

Collaboration starts with ‘coffee’? We agree. Coffee is the glue in ‘teamwork’. It’s amazing how many seed thoughts, productive team meetings and meaningful catch-ups spring from grabbing a coffee. Especially for new starters, coffee on-site makes building rapport with colleagues easy. And all of this helps attract and retain talent.

Moreover, wonderful coffee also makes a hot talking point in your office. Our clients always mention the buzz around the coffee machines, as their teams explore the range: from sharp espresso to frothy oat milk flat whites and hot chocolates.

Coffee promotes wellness

All employees need to be looked after. Gallup reveals employees are feeling stressed, and therefore all leaders need to find ways to drive wellness initiatives at work.

Office coffee helps. It hydrates your team, boosts energy levels and can improve mental health. Plus: studies link coffee to improved heart health, brain health and liver function. As well as less risk of Type 2 diabetes. (Source: Healthline).

The result? A company that proactively encourages good health is likely to attract and retain good people

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Sustainable coffee creates a green culture

FreshGround bean-to-cup coffee machine

People are caring more about sustainability. More than a buzzword, eco-conscious job seekers will examine your sustainability policy in detail. And a lack of green initiatives in the workplace will make all raise eyebrows. As a result, providing coffee that is free from single-use plastic pods and organising coffee grounds recycling can paint a greener picture. Improving your recruitment and retention.

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Brilliant coffee brings belonging

All these factors create a sense of belonging in your workplace. A work home where each person feels seen, heard and appreciated. Somewhere to share ideas and laugh with a cup of coffee in-hand. Somewhere that welcomes and inspires all.

Is the key to recruitment and retention in your coffee? We certainly think so.

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Talk office coffee with FreshGround

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