cold brew coffee

How to make cold brew coffee in the office

Refreshing cold brew coffee hits a sweet spot in spring. Here's an easy recipe to make in-office.

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What is the perfect coffee temperature?

Pairing the perfect coffee temperature with your brews levels up your tasting experience.

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salt in coffee

Why are people putting salt in coffee?

The whispers are getting louder: salt in coffee is a winning recipe. And there's a heap of science and culture behind it.

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caramel wafer oat latte

We ranked the 5 tastiest coffee syrups

From velvety vanilla to hazelnut goodness and lavender lattes – unlock ultimate indulgence with the 5 tastiest coffee syrups (ranked).

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coffees to make this halloween

5 deliciously spooky coffees to make this Halloween

From pumpkin spiced cups to misery mochas and blood moon lattes – discover 5 spooky and scrumptious coffees to warm you up this Halloween.

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Candy floss iced latte

Iced Candy Floss Latte – recipe video

  Try a flavour from the fairground with our iced candy floss latte! Just try not to eat all of the candy floss before you make the dri...

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top five summer drinks

What are the best coffee drinks to sip your way through summer?

Typically we tend to think of coffee as a comforting and warming drink to fuel our working day and to help keep us happy and hydrated in the...

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coffee and olive oil

What’s the buzz around adding olive oil to your morning coffee?

Not long ago, you may remember that the ‘bulletproof coffee’ was trending across social media. This was where people added butter to their c...

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Iced Dirty Chai Latte video

Dairy-free Iced Dirty Chai Latte – recipe video

  Fancy something a little different? You should give a dairy-free iced dirty chai latte a go (try saying that really fast three times!...

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Caramel Wafer Oat Latte recipe video

Caramel Wafer Oat Latte – recipe video

  There’s nothing quite like this caramel wafer oat latte. It’s so sweet and perfect for a warm afternoon!It’s a dodd...

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Oreo O’s Oat Latte – recipe video

  Fancy adding something a little different to your coffee? Do you love Oreo’s? Well how about trying the Oreo O’s oat iced...

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plant based milks

How to use alt-milk milk in coffee?

If you’re like us and coffee is a big part of your working day, you’ll understand how important it is to enjoy a premium, great-tasting cup.

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