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Short on time? Why London law firms are choosing FreshGround

Ollie | January 25, 2024

Law is fast and furious. Piles of case fills, mountains of billable hours and a daily pressure cooker of expected perfection means lawyers are stressed. The clock is ticking. And they need their coffee. Now.

Clearly: time counts. Lawyers’ hourly rates can rise above £300, and so minutes waiting for coffee costs everyone. They need their coffee fast – and tasty, too.

This is felt in London’s law firms. Where in-house baristas are often overlooked in favour of coffee machines on individual office floors. Coffee on the way to a meeting or mid-deadline feels more streamlined than an adventure downstairs to the barista, where a potential queue could halt your flow.

And with gruelling work hours engrained in the industry, having a coffee machine that doesn’t sleep is crucial for evening workers, whose paperwork might feel lighter with a hot mocha in hand.

FreshGround proudly works with London law firms

We’re proud to bring coffees experiences to law. Distinguished firms like Ashurst, Kennedy’s law, Fieldfisher, HFW and Linklaters have FreshGround bean to cup coffee machines in their offices. This allows their teams to get delicious coffee effortlessly, which is made fresh from the bean in seconds.

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Why are London law firms choosing FreshGround?

FreshGround employees drinking coffee

Law firms agree that gritty, tasteless gulps of caffeine are not good enough. Office coffee needs to make employees feel looked after.

That’s why they decided on FreshGround: our coffee experiences offer a wide range of coffee types (including their oat milk versions) and different bean blends.

This way: office coffee is adventure. As your teams explore different potions: from a sharp Guatemala Antigua espresso to a frothy, creamy, oat milk latte made from Mount Elgon coffee bean. Complete with hazelnut syrup.

Our machine’s reliability suits law firms too. Our service team first-time fix rate of 90% means if any issues arise, the coffee will always be flowing again.

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The perks of good coffee for law firms

Coffee sets your workplace’s tone. Coffee sets up meetings for new starters. Coffee ignites ideas, conversations and productive days. Coffee wins back time.

Immersed in ravenous competition for clients and promising talent, quality coffee brews a culture of care that can improve employee retention and nudge your firm’s appeal above competitors. Our advice: never overlook the power of your next cup.

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Office coffee for law firms – where to start?

Craig from FreshGround

A bean-to-cup coffee machine per floor is recommended for law firms. See popular favourites like the F5 Egro Next (perfect for up to 200 people per floor) and the F3 Jura GIGA X (ideal for meeting rooms and office reception desks).

If you need some guidance – please contact us on 020 7553 7900 to discuss your needs. Or explore what FreshGround looks like in The Law Society in London.