Sparkling water, office taps, and sustainability

We’ve always championed the convenience of our drinking water taps, but did you know they also have a range of eco benefits too? Whether you want filtered sparkling water at the touch of a button, we can deliver it whilst reducing your office’s impact on the environment. Check out our latest posts below to find out more.

Sustainability and eco benefits of drinking water taps

A theme we hear a lot from our customers is sustainability and the desire to be more eco-driven….

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T1 Undercounter Tap

Top 15 sparkling water facts to make your brain bubble

At FreshGround, we’re big fans of sparkling water. Not only do we have sparkling water on tap in our offices, but we find it quite fascinati…

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woman filling up a water bottle from a tap

Why your office will benefit from a sparkling water tap

From eliminating single-use plastics to team health and hydration, discover why your office can benefit from sparkling water taps….

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