Cold Coffee

We love a good frappe or iced latte, but did you know that cold coffees are really easy to make? You can whip one up in seconds using a bean-to-cup coffee machine, even in the office. Read on to learn more.

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Affogato coffee

Want to make cold coffee in the office?

Traditional cold brew coffee takes hours of soaking coarse-ground beans. Whilst the results are delicious, it’s not practical, especially if you fancy making a cold coffee in the workplace. Fortunately, we have a fantastic shortcut!

Simply fill a glass with ice cubes and then dispense a shot of espresso from your coffee machine over the top. This can then be topped up with milk (dairy or your favourite alternative – we recommend oat) for an instant iced latte. Add some syrup, sugar or other flavourings, and this super summer treat is good to go.

Of course, this is just a start. There are other great tasting cold coffee recipes that you can try. We’ve rounded up a few of our summer 2023 favourites below.


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Dalgona iced coffee


Discover the delights of whipped coffee! Pour a shot of espresso over two tablespoons of sugar and whisk it for a few minutes until it’s whipped into a foam. Fill a glass with ice and milk, then dollop the whipped espresso mix on top.

Candy Floss Coffee

Candy floss coffee

Pour a glass of milk (dairy, oat or your favourite alternative) over ice and then skewer a handful of candy floss on a stick. Place the sugary cloud above your milk, pour a shot of espresso over the top, and then watch it melt into your drink.

Salted Caramel Affogato iced coffee

Salted caramel affogato

The ultimate combo: coffee and ice cream! Add a scoop of salted caramel ice cream (or your preferred flavour) to a mug or glass and then dispense an espresso over the top, followed by chocolate sprinkles. Not in the office? Add a dash of Baileys to make it extra special.

Cold milk foam

Of course, if you have our F5 Egro Next with a cold milk foam enabled fridge, you can make cold coffees at the touch of a button! And not just coffee either. If you have a powder module, you can make cold foam chocolate too. That’s the great thing about the F5 Egro Next, it’s so modular.

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Egro Machine Dispensing into Red Mug

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

You can use any espresso-based coffee machine to start making cold coffees. Below are the machines that we recommend.

Even more iced coffee inspiration!

We’ve talked about cold coffees before of course. Have you tried any of the below chilled treats? Each has a video recipe attached!

Iced Dirty Chai Latte video

Dairy-free Iced Dirty Chai Latte – recipe video

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Orange coffee with video play button

Orange Coffee – recipe video

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Caramel Wafer Oat Latte recipe video

Caramel Wafer Oat Latte – recipe video

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Oreo O’s Oat Latte – recipe video

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Stock up on the essentials

Want to make the perfect cold coffees at work? You’ll want to make sure you have some of these in the cupboard!

Ready for cold coffee?

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