W3 Borg & Overström E6

Rent this machine for your office from just £1.89 per day

W3 Borg & Overström E6 in silver
Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser front view
Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser in office
W3 Borg & Overström E6 countertop in silver
Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser countertop unit
Borg & Overström E6 with Viovandt UV-LED technology
Borg & Overström E6 with sensor beam
W3 Borg & Overström E6 in silver
Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser front view
Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser in office
W3 Borg & Overström E6 countertop in silver
Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser countertop unit
Borg & Overström E6 with Viovandt UV-LED technology
Borg & Overström E6 with sensor beam

W3 Borg & Overström E6

Rent this machine for your office from just £1.89 per day





Suggested staff number

Up to 60 people

Perfect for

Medium to large offices

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Key features

  • Available in four configurations: cold & ambient, cold, ambient & hot, cold, ambient & sparkling, or cold, ambient, sparkling & hot
  • High capacity water cooler that can support larger teams and busy spaces
  • Can be equipped with Viovandt UV-LED water purification technology
  • Premium water dispenser available as floor-standing or countertop unit
  • Optional touch-free foot-operated light SensorBeam dispenser system
  • With one of the tallest dispense heights of any cooler in its class, the W3 is the ideal dispenser for tall bottle fill

More about the W3 Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser

Available as floor-standing or countertop dispenser, the Borg & Overström E6 is the ultimate high-capacity water dispenser for your workplace.

  • Can be configured for hot, cold, ambient, sparkling, and combination water dispenser setups
  • Hot water dispenses at 92°C
  • Viovandt UV-LED water purification technology
  • Optional SensorBeam functionality allows for touchless dispensing to minimise the spread of germs
  • Easy-to-clean, intuitive integrated touch-panel controls and auto-lit dispense area give this cooler a contemporary finish
  • The floor-standing model comes fully equipped with an internal alarmed waste kit too which prevents the base cabinet waste tank from overflowing – giving you one fewer thing to worry about
  • The large dispense area is designed to accommodate tall sports bottles and jugs, making hydration simple, and reducing requirement for single-use cups


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Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser

SensorBeam touchless dispense

Introducing the latest innovation in touchless dispensing, SensorBeam. Add this clever piece of tech to your E6 base cabinet, and it will project the different drink icons onto the floor. Break the beam of light using your foot, and the E6 will dispense that water into your glass or bottle. This contact-free solution is the perfect way to crackdown on illness and infections spreading in the workplace via surface contact.


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Technical details

Take a look at the technical specifications for the W3 Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser below. If you need any further information, please email or call the team. We're happy to help!

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Floor-standing dispenser: 320 x 1325 x 400 mm
Countertop dispenser: 320 x 415 x 400 mm
Dispense height: 290 mm

Energy efficiency

Power requirements

240v 13a UK plug

Water Drop

Water requirements

3/8” BSP connection required
No waste connection required

Alternative water dispenser options

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T4 Billi Quadra Sparkling

Incredibly compact and available in a range of colours and finishes, the T4 Billi tap delivers filtered chilled, boiling and sparkling water.

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T2 Borg & Overström C2

T2 Borg & Overström C2

Add a touch of class to your workspace with the T2 Borg & Overström C2. Perfect for filling meeting room bottles, this tap offers chilled, ambient and sparkling water.

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T1 Borg & Overström

T1 Borg & Overström

Cutting-edge functionality with minimalistic design, the T1 Borg & Overström chilled, ambient and sparkling tap delivers the latest in office water dispenser technology.

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Borg & Overström E4 water dispenser floor standing silver

W2 Borg & Overström E4

Available as floor-standing or countertop, and with contactless option, the Borg & Overström E4 has the tallest dispense height of any cooler in its class.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there something else you need to know about the W3 Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser? The FAQs below might hold the answer.

Is the W3 Borg & Overström E6 water dispenser the recommended choice for my small office?

The benefit of the W3 is that it can be installed almost anywhere, and offer all the water options your workplace could need. And from just £1.89 per day, it’s an affordable office water dispenser option too.

Is it easy to clean and maintain the W3 water dispenser?

Yes! Most of the components simply wipe down, so it’s easy to keep the machine clean and in good running order. If you’re especially worried about germs and the spread of infection, consider using the Sensor Beam add-on. It projects that dispense icons on the floor, allowing you to choose your water options by stepping on the corresponding light pattern. It’s a real innovation and a game changer.

Why should I choose the W3 water cooler?

The W3 offers more options than any of our other standalone water dispenser units, offering all combinations of filtered chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot water. Each configuration also comes equipped with the Viovandt UV-LED water purification system, to give you the highest confidence when it comes to infection control. It can be supplied as both countertop and floor-standing models, and can be outfitted with the extra SensorBeam dispenser add-on. All-in-all, it’s our most comprehensive freestanding water dispenser.

Why rental?

Not sure if it’s better to rent or buy your office water dispenser flat out? We’ll explain why rental is most likely going to work best for you and business.

Short-term contracts and flexibility

Commitment-phobe? Not a problem! We offer short-term, flexible rental contracts from only three months. This means you won’t be tied into lengthy lease terms with third-party finance agents. Plus with FreshGround’s exceptional customer service, you’ll have the option to change or upgrade your water dispenser fuss-free.

Only the best

We only offer the highest quality commercial water dispensers that are built to last, but because of this, they can be expensive to purchase outright. However, if you choose to rent your machine, you’ll have no large capital outlay so if your business budget is tight, you can still afford to get the best machine for your office. Oh, and did we mention the rental option is tax-deductible?

All-in-one cost

Choosing FreshGround for all your office water needs will delight your colleagues and clients, and will give you total peace of mind. Our rental contracts offer servicing and maintenance as standard so you won’t face hefty call out charges or unexpected costs. Got an issue or a query you need resolving? We’ve got you! Our expert team is on hand to provide friendly, efficient and timely customer service.

Service and support for water dispensers

Great customer service is as important to us as it is to you. From proactive servicing and self-support resources, through to on-site visits and call-outs, our friendly client care team is always here to help.

Read more about service and support

Sustainability & eco benefits of water dispensers

All of our water dispensers are plumbed-in, rather than bottle-fed. This cuts down on single use plastics, making the water dispensers in your workplace better for the environment, and greatly reduces your organisation’s carbon footprint.
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