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An easy guide to setting up your office coffee station

Ollie | January 23, 2024

Your coffee station is the beating heart of your workplace. Pumping vital energy around your team. A welcome friend on-entry. An invitation to slow down and take stock. A spot for spontaneous inspiration, creative chats and laughter with colleagues.

Your office coffee station defines your workplace culture and how much your business values your team. In this blog – we give you 4 steps to get it right; because winning businesses got rid of instant coffee and office kettles long ago.

Do I need an office coffee station or stations?

Marsh law firm's office coffee station Client feature: office coffee station at Marsh

Take a moment to weight up your workplace’s size, team numbers and coffee requirements before deciding how many coffee stations you need. We recommend one commercial coffee machine per office floor. Perfect for servicing between 50 and 200 people per day.

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Step 1: Choose bean to cup coffee machines

F5 Egro NextF5 Egro Next coffee machines

Gorgeous coffee is a necessity, not a luxury. That first sip sets the tone for the day and decides your Monday meeting meet. Our advice: the best office coffee stations magnetise employees and eliminate any cravings for high-street coffee.

The secret to this boils down to bean-to-cup coffee machines. By making fresh coffee from whole bean blends, they hand your team barista-style coffees in seconds. From elegant espressos and addictive americanos to charming cappuccinos, frothy flat whites and more. All from one touch on the machine. We also recommend trying different whole coffee beans in the machines’ hoppers to make sure every employee finds a favourite.

Discover bean to cup coffee machines:

· F5 Egro Next (up to 200 per floor, diary-free milk coffees available)

· F3 Egro Qube (up to 75 people per floor, comes with hot chocolates)

Step 2: Stock plant-based milks

Minor Figures plant-based milksMinor Figures oat milk

Your office coffee station needs plant-based milks. Thanks to their scrumptious flavours and wide appeal to different dietary preferences and eco-conscious minds – plant-based milks are booming. We recommend stocking oat milk in your office coffee station to make your workplace inclusive. And we suggest choosing an oat milk option on your office coffee machines – meaning all your team can feast on oat milk versions of their favourite coffees.

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Step 3: Don’t forget your tea

herbal teas next to a water tapTwinings herbal teas

As a nation of ravenous tea drinkers, a morning ‘cuppa’ is as essential as getting dressed. To satisfy your team – and prevent riots in office – you’ll want to stock your cupboards with English breakfast, Earl Grey and herbal teas. The latter are a blissful choice for all looking for calm sleep, improved health and a warm hug from nature.

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Step 4: Snacks give you strength

Walkers biscuitsWalkers biscuits

Snacks gives us superpowers. From experience, a bite can transform my weary haze into sharp focus. Enter: office snacks – vital fuel for your team and an indispensable part of your breakout area. Stocking snacks prevents blood sugar levels from dropping, lifts team spirits and adds a natural break to workdays. But beware: these biscuits are dangerously addictive.

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Step 5: Get in touch

We’d love to help you craft irresistible office coffee stations, considering your workplace size, space and budget. How about giving us a call on 020 7553 7900 to get started?