Water dispenser rental for offices

At FreshGround we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and aftercare service. We have office water taps and coolers for any office size.

For boiling, chilled and sparkling water dispensers we have you covered, with modern undercounter taps and freestanding or countertop water dispensers available for rental. Get a cup or glass of chilled water or boiling water at the push of a button – no more standing around, waiting for the kettle to boil, increasing productivity whilst keeping everyone well stocked up on much needed caffeine and water.

Our range of water machines for rental are carefully chosen to meet our customers’ needs. Get in touch to find out how we can help you choose the right boiling and chilled water dispenser for your office.

Undercounter taps

T1 Borg & Overström u1 Tap

Sleek and stylish, the ultra-modern Borg & Overstrom u1 chilled and sparkling water tap is an asset to any workspace environment. It merges cutting-edge design and functionality with a minimalistic touch. An intelligently integrated touch panel meets with a contoured tap, to give you the latest in office water dispenser technology.

T2 Borg & Overström u2 Tap

Add a touch of class to your workspace with the Borg & Overstrom u2 chilled and sparkling water tap. Both practical and easy on the eye, this striking design’s high capacity output and tall dispense height are enough to keep any workforce happy.

T3 Billi Quadra Tap

A beautiful solution: Billi chilled and boiling water taps fuse ultra-modern design with unrivaled efficiency. Cutting-edge technology ensures safe, filtered water can be delivered instantly.

T4 Billi Quadra Sparkling Tap

A compact, all-in-one unit, this Billi boiling, chilled and sparkling tap delivers a complete instant office water solution at the touch of a lever.

T5 Billi Quadra Plus Tap

A five-in-one office water system, the Billi Quadra Plus water tap offers instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water, with a separate hot and cold faucet.

Water dispensers

W1 Borg & Overström b2 Dispenser

Simple to use, a breeze to maintain, our sleek, classic W1 water dispenser is an attractive and practical solution for any workspace. With chilled and ambient water on tap, trust this reliable classic to keep filling the cups.

W2 Borg & Overström b4 Dispenser

Exuding quality, the W2 is an office water dispenser with style, delivering chilled and sparkling water from a free-standing or counter-top unit. High functionality and a host of additional benefits make this machine a premium water solution for any workplace environment.

W3 Borg & Overström b5 Dispenser

Stylish good looks are combined with a solid build quality to make the W3 a great addition to any office space, delivering chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button.

Our process

Years of experience tell us that every customer is different.
We always take the time to understand your needs, challenges and budget and, using our knowledge and expertise, we’ll guide you through the steps to delivering great coffee to your colleagues and clients.

Our process - discover

  1. We’ll start with a discovery session either at your office or at our showroom, where we’ll learn about you as a customer, and introduce you to our range of office coffees.

Our process - create

  1. With a wide range of office coffee machines, service plans, and contract terms including free-loan options, we’ll help you build a package that’s tailored to your needs.

Our process - enjoy

  1. After your machine is installed, we’ll take care of everything to keep the drinks flowing, from coffee and consumables deliveries, to regular planned servicing.

Free demos, tasting sessions, and three-month contracts

Why not test the waters with a tasting session or demo? If you’re impressed, we offer no-fuss, flexible, full-service contracts starting from as little as three months.

About our office water dispensers

Looking good, tasting better, our industry-leading range of Bill taps and Borg & Overström water dispensers keep the refreshment coming. With many machines available, each with their own added benefits, we’ve got a water dispenser that exactly suits your business’ needs.


What’s more, as all machines come with FreshGround’s integrated service plan, uptime is maximised, taking one more worry out of the working day. We’re so sure that you’ll love these machines as much as we do, we offer three-month contracts as standard.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through what we can offer.